Membership Agreement

1. Sides
a) "Karaduman Ticaret" conducts the activities of the website
(From this referred to as "")
b) Internet user who registered to
(From this referred to as "Member.")

2. The Subject of the Contract
The subject of this agreement is to determine the conditions of benefit of the member.

3. Business Activity
Presentation of industrial products, presentation to the international market, sale and marketing.

4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

4.1. The Member shall provide personal and that other miscellaneous information is true under the law, that all damages to be incurred due to the illegality of information and undertakes to compensate.

4.2. Member, the password given to him by another person or the right of the member to use the password in question. It belongs. For this reason, third parties or authorized all claims and claims made by the authorities against and against any claims arising from such unauthorized use of all kinds of compensation and other rights reserved.

4.3. Member, legal regulations when using the website to accept and undertake to comply with and not violate would. Otherwise, all legal and penal obligations that may arise are fully and bind the Member exclusively.

4.4. Member, web site in any way public order disruptive, contrary to general morality, disturbing and harassing others, infringement of the intellectual and copyright of others for an unlawful purpose can not use. In addition, the Member may not allow others to use the services. preventive or difficult activities (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) and transactions It can not be found.

4.5. Declared by the members on the website, post, used ideas and thoughts, completely members own personal and connects the owner of the opinion. These opinions and thoughts with there is no interest and connection., the Members opinion and damages that third parties may incur due to opinions and opinions that people may declare does not have any liability for damages.

4.6., Member data from unauthorized reading and Member software and will not be liable for any damages to your data. Member for the use of the website claim compensation from for any damage it may incur in advance.

4.7. Member, without permission to the software and data of other Internet users as not to use or use them. Otherwise, the legal and penal responsibilities arising therefrom are the sole responsibility of the Member.

4.8. One or more of the articles mentioned in this membership agreement violating Member is personally and personally responsible for this violation. will keep the legal and criminal consequences of these violations free. Also; compensation for the violation of the membership agreement of against the Member reserves the right to request.

4.9. will always unilaterally has the right to delete the members files, documents and information. Member hereby accepts saving in advance. In this case, has no responsibility They do not.

4.10. website software and design copyright and / or other intellectual property rights are protected by the relevant laws and they are not cannot be used, acquired or changed. Referred to on this website other companies and products are trademarks of their respective owners and property rights.

4.11. Website of improvement and / or legal regulations. The name of the Internet service provider used to access the site on the Internet. and Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time entered on the Site, Pages accessed in current order and allow direct connection to site Information such as the internet address of the website may be collected.

4.12., as a legal obligation of the Members personal information or,
a) To act in accordance with legal requirements or notified to abide by the procedures;
b) The rights and property of the family of and the family website in good faith that it is necessary to protect and defend can explain.

4.13. web site virus and similar software measures have been taken within the scope of existing facilities. that to ensure the ultimate security of the users own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection. This Member, in the context of entering the website, their software and operating system errors and their direct or indirect will be deemed responsible for the results.

4.14., sitenin içeriğini dilediği zaman değiştirme, kullanıcılara sağlanan herhangi bir hizmeti değiştirme yada sona erdirme veya web sitesinde kayıtlı kullanıcı bilgi ve verilerini silme hakkını saklı tutar.

4.15., üyelik sözleşmesinin koşullarını hiçbir şekil ve surette ön ihbara ve/veya ihtara gerek kalmaksızın her zaman değiştirebilir, güncelleyebilir veya iptal edebilir. Değiştirilen, güncellenen yada yürürlükten kaldırılan her hüküm, yayın tarihinde tüm üyeler bakımından hüküm ifade edecektir.

4.16. The parties agree that the single and actual web server records of for the sole purpose of providing evidence in accordance with Article 287 of the HUMK; acknowledge and declare that the records in question constitute an evidence agreement. would.

4.17., in accordance with this membership agreement, the members themselves registered e-mail addresses, information mails and mobile phones member is authorized to send SMS messages. e-mail of the information and to send information SMS to the mobile phone. It will be counted.

5. Termination of Contract
This agreement is the Members cancellation of membership or by will remain in force until the cancellation of membership., Members breaches any provision of the membership agreement. Terminate the contract unilaterally by canceling its membership.

6. Dispute Resolution
Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices for disputes regarding this agreement It is authorized.

7. Implementation
Members registration, membership of the member, all clauses in the membership agreement read and accept the articles in the membership agreement. This Agreement has been concluded and mutually entered into force.